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Garden Room, West Sussex

This was a second project we have done in this Sussex home for a family who wanted to breathe new life into their neglected conservatory. Of course the key element we wanted to retain in this space was the amazing light that is reflected in from the stunning landscape beyond, featuring not only their swimming pool but a lake beyond. It’s a view to die for. The room needed to feel really optimistic and vibrant, but also be versatile as could be used for birthday tea with a grandparent, quiet afternoon reading or for a teen’s pool party (no precious rugs!). Starting with the paint, I wanted to define the stairwell from the rest of the space and so, reflecting the idea of the ‘garden room’, went for the soft green of Farrow & Ball Lichen. Lilac Pink by Edward Bulmer felt like the right creamy pink tone for the rest of the room. When it came to the floor, which needed replacing, rectangular terracotta Naranja tiles were laid in a linear brick style from Bert & May, setting the informal, warm tone of the new room. Laid on top was a practical faux-sisal rug from Unnatural Flooring - perfect for damp feet coming in from the poolside.

Upholstery was a mix of old and new; a pre-owned sofa we reupholstered in Lewis & Wood Totem Cactus fabric with Christopher Farr and Fermoie cushions, then new Oka armless chairs were reupholstered in Penny Morrison’s pretty Dahlia. The striking cornflower blue of the pouffe also has a botanically-inspired print - keeping everything nature-led as much as possible without overkill. Flanking side tables and lamps all added texture and colour through Georgie Wykeham’s octagonal table in Full to Ashoka’s gathered shade from Pukka Print. A garden room wouldn’t feel complete without plenty of rattan which arrived in the form of a large olive coffee table and imposing Birdcage lantern in a pop of mint green from Soane. Shopping high low meant sourcing a chic wood and rattan bench from Zara Home which sits underneath the shelves from which potted plants cascade. A touch of weathered elegance arrives under the stairs, in the form of a cast iron marble bistro table that sits under a distressed antique Georgian mirror and dose of fun added with a Salvesen & Graham Zig Zag border in green, framing the opening to the dining room next door.